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Confident kids grow up to be confident human beings – ready to conquer their world with their oodles of talent. The crux of confident kids programme is to train the children with basic etiquette in various situations of day to day living such as social, family gatherings, dining, personal grooming, etiquette conversations, and many others.


Teen age is the best age of one’s lifetime. Teenagers are forever enthusiastic, full of life and ready to explore the world of opportunities. To be able to harness their latent talent and guide them in the right direction, we have designed a special Finishing School for them. This workshop prepares them to enter…

Custom Workshops

Every individual is unique and every personality is different. But there’s one trait that works in their favour at all times, Yes, it is confidence. Once they build their self confidence, they can enthrall the world with their latent talent. All they need to do is hone their skills. To be able to do that, we have designed special..

Educational Workshops

Teachers are the role models of the students. They set examples for children to follow. They have the inherent strengths to understand, motivate, mould and empower a child. They have the power to lay a strong foundation of a child’s future. With this key insight, we have crafted special Workshops to further equip the teachers with specialised and certified…


Communication skills with confidence is the key to any business success. The need of the hour is to train the staff to communicate your brand’s proposition to your customers with utmost finesse, confidence and with impeccable communication skills. This is more applicable if you are working in an increasingly global environment…

Certified Students Workshops

This is an age of selfies, an age in which people are constantly working on their looks, image and personality to make an impression; be it in their friend circle, workplace, business or social surroundings. They wouldn’t mind spending on expensive beauty and lifestyle products to enhance and bring about…

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The Confident You franchise is a dream project of two highly successful entrepreneurs,  Rachna Jhunjhunwala and Neha D. Gupta. The idea stemmed from a deeper understanding of the role of confidence in one’s life. It is designed specially to break the shackles of self doubt and lack of confidence and bring out the confident ‘You’ in every person who enroll for the courses.

Simply put, we teach you to show off the best “You”.


I liked eating with chopsticks. It was interesting a new thing for learning. Very Nice Concept for kids. Kids can learn new things and the most important thing is etiquette. Making kids feeling confident helps them in life.

Meher Bhatija

The experience was just awesome. I gained confidence. I learnt to have eye to eye contact. I learnt how to interact with people. The course teaching was really playful and interactive. It was the BEST…

Yash A Gadhade

Thank you so much Neha Rachna & Ritu for giving our kids this opportunity n convincing them that Etquitte n impression are important in life. It took ne ages to reach them but since the we are home, I have started noticing the difference . Thanks once again and I shall try ti reach out to you for out vacation workshop

Yash A Gadhade

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